nosbin's conception

nosbin's first rough version, nosbin being published, and jack dorsey posting about nosbin.

2/21/2023 / 2 min read

nosbin is a nostr client that I wrote that aims to be a pastebin replacement based on nostr. Here is some of the early history.

the first prototype

I was scrolling on nostr, desperate for a good client that I could write that wouldn't be super complex and that I could quickly put online. I started thinking of ideas and that eventually made me remember github gists, I thought that it would be perfect, so I set out to make it. I wrote nosbin's first prototype in about an hour and a half with a relay that I had quickly provisioned on Railway (now first nosbin app shown: quickly written app using just html and js

It functioned, but I was exhausted so I decided to go to bed after that. I was undoubtedly excited though. This was on Jan 4th.

nosbin's first version

I went through most of my day as normal, and then I got home and started working on the first version. I decided to use SvelteKit because I had heard raving reviews and wanted to give it a try, so I got to work. The first order of buisness was getting a ui that didn't look anything like the first prototype so I made my own textbox and button components. ~6 hours later and I was comfortable with publishing it online. All it had was the ability to publish and view notes to the default relays which at the time was and using your own keys wasn't possible, nothing fancy like posting to multiple relays yet. After I bought the domain and got it up and running I created a pull request in awesome-nostr to get the name out there. This was on Jan 5th

Jack Dorsey Posting nosbin

The day after nosbin was posted to the internet (Jan 6th) I was at the grocery store and I pulled out my phone to check Damus and to my surprise Jack Dorsey had posted it. It was massive for the Website and my presence on nostr because more people knew who I was (because I put my pubkey on the website). The traffic spike was massive, went from 20 unique visitors to ~4,000.

So that's the story about nosbin's first 3 days, pretty crazy story how it went from a shitty prototype to one of the most unique clients of nostr.

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